Join us Ringside at 9am for the Last Stake of the 2016 Series!

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RINGSIDE BREAKFAST TOMORROW, 9 AM 3 Year-Old Performance Warm-Up Details, Tier 2 Purse Details ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Table Buyers, Join Us for Ringside Breakfast Tomorrow (Thursday) Morning at 9 am During the Last Regular Season Texas Pre-Green Stake for 2016! Tomorrow's Stake will determine series-leading Riders, Owners and Horses! Celebrate a great season with friends ringside, sponsored by the Super Series Group. Thanks to our table buyers: Augusta Pines Farm, Bernadette Mulliken/Fairlife, Bo Hopson, Boyd Industries/Sarah Boyd Real Estate, Bill & Susan McMorris, Brawley Farms, Brookside Pine Farms, Comley Sport Horses, DM Diamond Farm, Dr. Bill Stone, DS Holdings LLC, Equine Sports Medicine, Hillcrest Farm, Hunton Group/Trane, Irish Day Farm, Jamie Jarvis, JNL Stables, Lindsay Holstead, McQuay Stables, Olde Oaks Farm, Pine Hollow Farm, Patty Roberts, Pine Hollow Farm, PJP Farm, Rendezvous Farm, and Shadyside Farm A Few Tables Still Available! Email us at or text/call us at 870-219-2993 or visit us in the Super Series Group office next to the Awards Office. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Three Year-Old Freestyle Performance Warm-Up Details The Three Year-Old Freestyle Performance course will be set Thursday after completion of the day's classes. Schooling will be open Thursday until dark and Friday morning until the show begins at 8 am to 3 year-old Freestyle Performance entries only. 15 minutes will also be given to these entries after the conclusion of the Best Young Horse class and prior to the start of the 3 year-old Freestyle Performance class. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

TIER 2 ELIGIBLE RIDERS, DON'T MISS YOUR OPPORTUNITY TO WIN ADDITIONAL PURSE MONEY IN THE 2016 TEXAS PRE-GREEN FINAL CHAMPIONSHIP! See below to find out if you are eligible for the new Tier 2 Purse in the Texas Pre-Green Final Championship! Riders ranked below the top 20 all-time earners in Super Series Group programs will compete for an additional $2,500 plus 20% add back based on the first round scores in the Texas Pre-Green Championship! RIDER RANKED IN TIER 1 ONLY: 1 Peter Pletcher $138,634.33 2 Tracy Fenney $49,755.05 3 Will Roberts $35,293.59 4 Stacie Goodson $32,963.72 5 Courtney Calcagnini $30,687.11 6 Jennifer Alfano $16,559.37 7 Bob Brawley $15,474.74 8 Liza Richardson $12,107.75 9 Katja Kallenberger $10,462.50 10 Sandy Strack $9,186.75 11 Dorothy Douglas $8,994.77 12 James Hensen $8,206.00 13 Bill McMorris $7,861.05 14 Susan McMorris $7,842.60 15 Belynda Bond $7,364.25 16 Berry Porter $7,363.50 17 Kelly Lorek $6,956.75 18 Whitney Owens $6,822.88 19 Claudia Conn $5,897.50 20 Tamara Provost $5,862.70 RIDERS ELIGIBLE FOR BOTH TIER 1 AND TIER 2: 21 Daniel Bedoya $5,541.40 22 Jessica Harries $4,834.17 23 Trapp O'Neal $4,022.00 24 Nada Wise $3,873.75 25 Amanda Comly $3,862.00 26 Kyle Owens $3,552.00 27 Alexandra Ansteth $3,045.80 28 Sherre Sims $2,641.25 29 Julie Cleveland $2,640.38 30 Sue Takata $2,577.00 31 Didi Mackenzie $2,562.25 32 Glenn Ronden $2,560.25 33 Colleen Brombach $2,501.05 34 Rachel Lindsey $2,497.25 35 Stirling Kincannon $2,477.50 36 Meghan Felts $2,401.75 37 Jordan Gilchrist $2,317.30 38 Natalee Newton Hagan $2,050.25 39 Shannon Slyfield $2,017.50 40 Martien Vanderhoeven $1,976.50 41 Wendy Thompson $1,861.50 42 Frank Owens $1,591.61 43 Britt McCormick $1,215.00 44 Jena Halstead $897.75 45 Emily Schwing $864.00 46 Dev Branham $747.50 47 Sarah Invicta Williams $727.58 48 Laura Sicuro $715.00 49 Jamie Jarvis $684.00 50 Allison Jones $641.00 51 Christian Rogge $505.00 52 Jessica Smith $472.50 53 Katie Lambert-Boone $423.00 54 Stephanie Cook $403.00 55 Libby Barrow $394.50 56 Whitney Miller $385.70 57 Elizabeth McRae $295.00 58 Colleen Acosta $280.00 59 Scott Lenkart $280.00 60 Kalli Smith $275.00 61 Angela Barber $274.75 62 Erin Covert $250.00 63 Kaitlyn Arnold $238.00 64 Audrey Buck $236.00 65 Jana Rodes $235.50 66 Sydney Thompson $207.50 67 Susan Bradley $203.75 68 Morgan Erbstoesser $197.00 69 Ashley Hixon $196.25 70 Laura Persons $162.50 71 Nicole Saathoff $162.50 72 Hollis Hughes Grace $154.50 73 Hannah Evans $154.50 74 Jessica Law $125.00 75 Caroline O'Brien $125.00 **Additionally, all riders who are new to the Super Series Group programs this year are eligible for both Tier 1 and Tier 2. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Visit the Super Series Group Office at the Final Chase Show for:

  • Texas Pre-Green Championship Entries and Enrollment *Texas Hunter Breeding Championship Entries and Enrollment *Ringside Table Reservations *Super Series Group Sponsor Check-In Make Checks for Final Championship Entries, Table Sales, and Enrollments to Texas Super Stake Series. 2016 Enrollment Still Available for Texas Pre-Green and Texas Hunter Breeding Programs! Enrollment rates and deadlines are as follows, and enrollment is available up until Final Champioship: Texas Pre-Green Enrollment Dates and Rates: Through Final Championship: $750 Texas Hunter Breeding Enrollment Dates and Rates: Through Final Championship: Yearlings- $450 Two Year-Olds- $550 Three Year-Olds- $650 Enroll in the Super Series Group office at Final Chase. For enrollment questions, please contact Terri Irrer at 313.310.2106 or []. Don't Forget- Stallion Ownership NOT Required to be Texas Hunter Sire Nominator! Sire Enrollment available through Final Championship! Nominators of sires are NOT required to be sire owners, and bonus money based on the performance of enrolled sires' get in the Texas Pre-Green and Texas Hunter Breeding Final Championships is paid directly to nominators! Stallion bonuses will be paid to the nominators of the sires of top eligible offspring in the Texas Pre-Green and Texas Hunter Breeding Final Championships. Stallion owners and nominators are encouraged to suggest program enrollment for offspring of enrolled sires, as enrollment will serve as a benefit to both sire and offspring. Visit the Super Series Group office at Great Southwest Equestrian Center to Nominate! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Thank you, Sponsors!

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Bucci Farm & Barbara Bailey

DS Holdings

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Download the Southbound Showday app for up-to-date Texas Pre-Green and Texas Hunter Breeding Standings and Enrollment! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Join the Super Series Group sponsor family, and take advantage of great benefits while supporting important new programs! Help us help the Hunter and Jumper industries through growth-promoting programs. Sponsorships are available in all shapes and sizes. Please view a few of our sponsorship opportunities here [] or contact Patrick Rodes (940.367.1217 or []) or Colleen McQuay (940.367.3030 or []) for customized options. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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Texas Hunter Sire Incentive Program [] Bonuses to be awarded to top sires of Yearlings, Two Year-Olds, Three Year-Olds, and Pre-Green horses based on Final Championship results ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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