2017 Texas Super Series Green Hunter Championship Winner
AND Tier 2 Winner, Davidson!


Congratulations to Davidson, rider Amberlee Wentz, owner Dana Vollbracht, and trainer Suzy Balenseifen! This team took home earnings of $7,517.13, a Bruno Delgrange saddle, three Shinola Detroit watches, and earned a name inscription on the Sherre Simms memorial trophy!


2017 Texas Hunter Breeding 3 Year-Old Freestyle Performance Championship Winner, UTMOST!

Congratulations to Utmost, rider Megan Southam, and owner Alisa Lask! This team took home earnings of $2,670 for first in our Freestyle Performance Championship and sixth in our 3 Year-Old on-the-line Championship, plus a custom monogrammed Cooler from the Super Series Group!

Utmost 1st Freestyle Perf.jpg

Texas Hunter Breeding CHampionship Best Young Horse, Quick Shine!

2017 Texas Hunter Breeding Championship Best Young Horse, Quick Shine! Congratulations to breeder Vicki Hunton of Olde Oaks Farm, handler Liza Richardson, and new owner Laurie Storey! Also earning Champion Three Year-Old and third place in our Freestyle Performance class, this team took home $3,350 in prize money, a custom monogrammed coolerette from the Super Series Group, and a bronze medallion donated by Olva Stewart Pharo in conjunction with being included as the first inscription on the new Texas Hunter Breeding perpetual trophy, created and also donated by Olva!

Quick Shine Best Young Horse 3 yo Champ.jpg

Total Texas Super Series Green Hunter Stakes Program Payout
as of Nov. 3, 2017: $790,000+

Total Texas Hunter Breeding Super Series Payout as of Nov. 3, 2017: $50,000+

$27,500 Added Texas GREEN HUNTER Super Stake Final Championship
NEW $2,500 plus 20% ADD Back Tier 2 Purse
NEW $500 Non Pro Bonus
sixth annual event - Harvest Show, November1-5, 2017



Promoting the Breeding and Development of Young Hunters in Texas and throughout the United States.

Created in 2012, the Texas Super Series Green Hunter Stakes (formerly Texas Pre-Green Super Stake Series) served as a pilot for the USHJA Pre-Green Incentive Program. With increasing size and payouts annually, the program has paid over $650,000 to date to developing Hunters, their owners, and their riders.

Introduced in 2015, the Texas Hunter Breeding Super Series was created as a lead-in to the Texas Super Series Green Hunter Program. By providing payout and incentives to owners and trainers of Yearling, Two Year-Old, and Three Year-Old Hunters, the Series is expected to further boost the Texas Hunter industry.

Also established in 2015, the Texas Hunter Sire Program has been called "the icing on the cake" for the Super Series Group programs. Designed to further encourage participation and support of Hunter breeding, the program offers incentives and opportunities to the very roots of the Hunter industry.

2016 has brought new bonuses and incentives to the Super Series Group's already exciting Texas Green Hunter Final Championship, including a $2,500 plus 20% add back Rider Ranking Tier 2 purse and a $500 Non Pro Bonus award. Partners Colleen McQuay, Patrick Rodes, Peter Pletcher and Pauline Cook would like to thank all that have contributed to make these programs possible!


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