Rider Ranking Tier System Comes to 2016 Texas Pre-Green Championship!

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Rider Ranking Tier System Comes to Texas Pre-Green Championship $2,500 plus 20% Add Back for Tier 2 Riders this Year! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Additional prize money has been added to the already lucrative annual Texas Pre-Green Super Stake Final Championship by the series-producing Super Series Group! New in 2016, riders ranked in Tier 2 according to Super Series Group lifetime earnings from prior years will be eligible to vie for $2,500 plus 20% of their entry fees added back. 50% of entry fees will continue to be added back to the Tier 1 purse, bringing the total purse for the event to an estimated $32,400. All riders will pay a $250 entry fee for the Final Championship, regardless of Tier eligibility, as the prize money for this section is in addition to the $25,000 plus 50% add back paid to Tier 1. All riders ranked in Tier 2 will automatically be added to the class upon entering the Final Championship. The top 20 lifetime money earners in the Super Series Programs as of the end of the previous year's Final Championship (to include all Texas Pre-Green bonuses and Three Year-Old Freestyle Performance Championship earnings) will determine eligibility for Tier 1 only. All other riders will be eligible for both Tier 2 and Tier 1. For a list of eligibility, please visit www.superseriesgroup.com/texas-pre-green. [http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001Dr8X52JCygwKKlx35HZeIoQuExy-MGQX0NpiwSnNnPYe5MR7t9hLZtj0ybRQuGAP9Kxmi30VjUvTSJ1m2fqFWP2Idp5PKfkFaccbnJBeJLzxIABtPUnqwmkeoBO2XeM7A1RCRJO1PmBlqoVYWARZDwKGkr2Tdh-w081OsT7fDYgrfd4DURj12PPCvuZ8KuYBsH7o4G4XU=&c=xeEgcIRC3xbkFNywVWzxUEZyVeOVRGMV1XfXKK-KP3PZ0KpD-Npw==&ch=DVQQgBzC5wLflNzn2TBCrAhfa24kNslku0irnV2YYoePabJnPASA==] A minimum of 20 horses will return to the second round of the Texas Pre-Green Final Championship for Tier 1, and a minimum of 10 horses will return to the second round in Tier 2. (There will often be an overlap of riders). ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Congratulations Best Young Horse at Southwest Showdown, LF Escapades Vintage owned by Audry Giles-Gates and handled by Rob Moyar!

Congratulations, Texas Pre-Green Super Stake winners at Southwest Showdown, Serena and owner/rider Peter Pletcher! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~