3 Year Old Championship Course, Enrollment Open to All!


The Super Series Group is proud to introduce the official course for the inaugural Texas Hunter Breeding three year-old Championship Class! Enroll ANY Three Year Old! Texas Hunter Breeding enrollees are NOT required to be sired by participating sires.  In celebration of the event's inaugural year, enrolled horses may be entered with NO ADDITIONAL ENTRY FEE! All enrolled horses will be eligible, and the format will allow riders to showcase their horses at their current level. Scheduled for November 11-15 at Great Southwest Equestrian Center, the combined Final Championship events promises to continue to offer great prize money for Texas Pre-Green enrollees, while newly rewarding Texas Hunter Breeding enrollees and participating sires at 2015's event.


Three Year-Old Championship Class Details

$7,500 Freestyle Performance Class Entry Fee: FREE

To be held at the Final Chase Horse Show November 11-15, 2015 in Katy, TX.

Open to all three year-olds enrolled in the Texas Hunter Breeding Super Series. Proof of age must be provided.

Each horse will be given up to 6 minutes in the ring to show their horse on the flat and/or over fences. The ring will have a course of jumps set up as displayed above, and each rider may use whatever they would like. The course will consist of a cross rail, a line you can trot in and canter out, a line you can canter, single vertical, single oxer, and a gymnastic. Jumps will not exceed 2'9".

Horses will be judged on performance and soundness. 70% performance and 30% potential to be a hunter or jumper.

The intent of the class is to showcase potential of three year olds at their current stage which best suits your horse. Riders may just show their horse on the flat or on the flat and over jumps.