Unnamed "Slots" now Available for purchase for Super Series Group Programs!

Dear Valued Customer, GREAT NEWS! In response to requests from our investors, we have added a new enrollment option to our program. Starting now for the 2016 season, horse owners will be allowed to purchase "slots" for unnamed horses at the current enrollment rate. This will help those of you who may have multiple horses at the end of the year or plan to buy horses throughout the season. The following guidelines will apply to all "slots" purchased for unnamed horses:

1. Slots purchased will be non-refundable. Any slots that are unused will stay dedicated to the current year's purse and will not roll over.
2. Once a slot is dedicated, it is in play for the named horse only.
3. Substitutions of horses will not be allowed.
4. Slots may not be sold to another party.

As in the past, you will only be able to participate in the program and the Final Championship with an enrolled horse. Our enrollment form is available on our website, www.superseriesgroup.com or in the horse show office at participating events. Please feel free email us at superseriesgroup@yahoo.com [mailto:superseriesgroup@yahoo.com] or contact Terri Irrer at (313) 310-2106 with any questions you may have. Thank you once again for your participation in the Super Series Group programs!