Texas Super Series Green Hunter Stakes

2019 participating Shows

Blue Ribbon Winter Festival - January 17-20 - Waco, TX
Winter Warm-Up - January 24-27 - Waco, TX
Texas Winter Series I-IV - January 30-February 24 - Katy, TX
Pin Oak I, II & III - March 20-April 7 - Katy, TX
Tulsa Rendezvous I - April 10-14 - Tulsa, OK
Tulsa Rendezvous II - April 17-21 - Tulsa, OK
Texas Shoot-Out - April 24-28 - Tyler, TX
Lone Star Round Up II - May 1-5 - Tyler, TX
Show Jumping Classic - May 15-19 - Tyler, TX
Southwest Classic - May 22-26 - Tyler, TX
GO Preview - July 6-9 - Oklahoma City, OK
GO Show - July 12-16 - Oklahoma City, OK
Santa Fe Welcome - July 24-28 - Santa Fe, NM
Santa Fe Fiesta Week - August 1-4 - Santa Fe, NM
Grand Prix de Santa Fe - August 7-11 - Santa Fe, NM
Texas Rose Sport Horse Cup - September 4-8 - Tyler, TX
Texas Rose Classic - September 11-15 - Tyler, TX
Southwest Showdown - September 18-22 - Katy, TX
Great Southwest Fall Classic -  September 26-29 - Katy, TX
Country Bound Horse Show - October 4-6 - Tyler, TX
Fall Fun - October 17-20 - Tyler, TX
Brittania Farm Fall Classic -  October 19-22 - Katy, TX
Harvest - October 30-November 3 - Katy, TX
Great Southwest Autumn Classic - November 6-10 - Katy, TX
The Final Chase - November 13-17 - Katy, TX
**Including $27,500 Added Texas Super Series Green Hunter 3’/3’3” Final Championship & $10,000 Added Texas Super Series Green Hunter 3’6”/3’9” Final Championship November 1


2019 Texas Super Series Green Hunter Program

INCLUDING 3'6"/3'9" Fence Height!

Designed by the Super Series Group specifically for promoting the Green Hunter showcasing BOTH the 3'/3'3" and 3'6"/3'9" Green Hunter Horses.

Featuring... $27,500 Added 3'0"/3'3" Green Hunter Final Championship and $10,000 Added 3'6"/3'9" Green Hunter Final Championship, Year End Awards, Top Thoroughbred Year-End Bonus, $2,500 Minimum Added 3'0"/3'3" Stake Classes and $1,500 Minimum Added 3'6"/3'9" Stake Classes at Each Participating Show.


Open to enrolled horses only. Each participating 3'0"/3'3" show will offer a minimum $2,500 Green Hunter Super Stake class with $75.00 per horse added back. Each participating 3'6"/3'9" show will offer a minimum $1,500 Green Hunter Super Stake class with $50.00 per horse added back. Money accrued throughout the regular season in the Texas Green Hunter Stake Classes will determine year end awards. All enrolled horses are eligible for the $27,500 Added Texas Super Series 3'0"/3'3" or the $10,000 3'6"/3'9" Green Hunter Final Championship.

Thanks to these sponsors for making the new 3'6"/3'9" Program addition possible:

Nada Wise
DeCillo Equine Clinic
Dana Vollbracht


TIER RIDER RANKING SYSTEM TO BE OFFERED TO TEXAS Super series Green Hunter Participants again in 2017!

Additional prize money was added to the already lucrative annual Texas Super Series Green Hunter Championship by the series-producing Super Series Group for the first time in 2016. Riders ranked in Tier 2 according to Super Series Group lifetime earnings from prior years will be eligible to vie for $2,500 plus 20% of their entry fees added back. 

All riders will once again pay a $250 entry fee for the Final Championship, regardless of Tier eligibility, as the Super Series Group generously forfeits 20% of their typical retained entry fee portion in addition to the $2,500 added prize money. All riders ranked in Tier 2 are automatically added to the Tier 2 section upon entering the Final Championship.

The top 20 lifetime money earners in the Super Series Programs as of the end of the previous year's Final Championship (to include all Texas Pre-Green bonuses and Three Year-Old Freestyle Performance Championship earnings) will determine eligibility for Tier 1 only. All other riders will be eligible for both Tier 2 and Tier 1. For a list of 2016 eligibility, see below. 2017 eligibility coming soon!

**Additionally, all riders who are new to the Super Series Group programs this year are eligible for both Tier 1 and Tier 2.




Established in 2012, the Texas Pre-Green Super Stake Series (now called Texas Super Series Green Hunter Stakes) offers a Series minimum $2,500 added Stake Classes throughout Texas and now the entire United States, open to all enrolled horses. Earnings are tracked for horses, riders, and owners, and annual bonuses based on year-end standings are awarded in conjunction with the series' $27,500 added Final Championship, also open to all enrolled horses. Championships may also be held throughout the United States at the discretion of show managers.

The series began expanding into Oklahoma and New Mexico in 2016, and launches throughout the United States in 2017. Watch for Super Series Stake classes and possibly even championships at a show near you!

Click Here to view 2016 Texas Pre-Green Series Year-End Standings

Click Here to view 2016 Texas Pre-Green Final Championship Results


Texas Super Series Green Hunter Program Details:

Enrollment Fees:

Through March 1: $250

Through July 1: $350

Through August 1: $550

Through Finals: $750

**Enroll online, download forms to email or mail, or visit the show office at a participating show or contact Terri Irrer at 313-310-2106 or tfidance@aol.com for enrollment information!



Don't miss your opportunity to purchase an unnamed enrollment slot for use later in the year. This will help those of you who may have multiple horses at the end of the year or plan to buy horses throughout the season. The following guidelines will apply to all "slots" purchased for unnamed horses:

1. Slots purchased will be non-refundable. Any slots that are unused will stay dedicated to the current year's purse and will not roll over.

2. Once a slot is dedicated, it is in play for the named horse only.

3. Substitutions of horses will not be allowed.

4. Slots may not be sold to another owner.

As in the past, you will only be able to participate in the program and the Final Championship with an enrolled horse. If a declared horse is sold, his or her enrollment will transfer to the new owner.

Texas Super Series Green Hunter, Texas Hunter Breeding, and Texas Hunter Sire Enrollment is OPEN! Horses are NOT required to be sired by participating Texas Hunter Sires in order to be enrolled in either program.


Horses Enrolled in the Texas Super Series Green Hunter program will be eligible for Stake Classes held throughout the year as well as the annual $25,000 Added Final Championship and Year-End Awards. To allow for maximum flexibility and development of the Green Hunter, horses will be allowed to compete in either height category at all shows, including the Final Championship.

2017 Texas Super Series Green Hunter Program enrollment is available to all Green Hunter eligible horses, and is not limited to Texas residents. 

27 Stake Classes held throughout the year will each pay a minimum of $2,500.00 in prize money plus $75.00 per horse added back. While many of the Texas Super Series Green Hunter participating shows will be dual-approved with the USHJA National Green Hunter Incentive Program, separate enrollment in each program is required for entry.

Take 2 Second Chance Thoroughbred Incentive Program will offer a $2,000 Thoroughbred bonus. Participating Thoroughbreds must be verified on paper or by tattoo to be eligible.

A Non Pro Bonus of $500 plus an award jacket will be presented to the highest placing Non Pro in the Championship class.

The Texas Green Hunter Final Championship will pay a guaranteed minimum of $27,500 plus 50% of entry fees added back and will be open to all enrolled horses. Year End Awards will be based on Total Money Won, and will be awarded to leading riders, leading owners, and leading horses for the series.

The $27,500+ added Texas Super Series Green Hunter Championship will run in a 2 round format for all horses enrolled in the Texas Super Series Green Hunter Program. To be judged on performance, soundness, suitability and manners. To be scored under the open numeric system. Ties in the first round will go to the second round. Each round to count 50% of the total score; composite scores determine the winners. Formal attire in accordance with HU146.12 and GR 801.2. Super Series Group reserves the right to take additional horses to the finals. Super Series Group and Final Chase Management reserve the right to make changes for the benefit of this event. 

Pre Green Horses must be enrolled for the Texas Pre Green Super Stake Series in order to be eligible. 


Final Championship Details:

Conducted In Accordance With HU106.3

Class 306 Fences: 3'0", 3'3"

Entry Fee: $250

(50% of entry fees added back to prize money, see payout schedule below)

*Enrollment and Entry will remain open until 10:00 a.m. the day of the Super Stake Final.


Final Championship Payout Schedule

Up to 40 Entries        40 or More Entries
1    22.50%                1    21.50%
2    17.50%                2    16.50%
3    15%                     3    13.50%
4    12.50%                4    11%
5    10%                     5    7.50%
6    7.50%                  6    5.25%
7    5.25%                  7    4.25%
8    4%                       8    3.75%
9    3.25%                  9    3.50%
10    2.50%               10    3.25%
11    $250                 11    2.50%
12    $250                 12    2.25%
13    $250                 13    2%
14    $250                 14    1.75%
15    $250                 15    1.50%
                                 16    $250
                                 17    $250
                                 18    $250
                                 19    $250
                                 20    $250